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Shower Tight

Shower Tight

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PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT is a waterproof barrier system to protect sensitive substrates in tiled areas such as showers, bathrooms, wet-rooms and kitchen utility areas. The system consists of a surface primer, a grey flexible waterproof coating and a super strong polyester matting to reinforce seams in joints around wall floor junctions. This seamless, protective membrane inhibits the passage of moisture from within the tiled area through to surfaces and structures which may be sensitive to the effects of prolonged water migration.

Conforms to :

  • Multi-component system
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Protects water sensitive substrates
  • Prevents penetrating damp
  • Grey
  • 2.5 litre membrane
  • 1 litre Primer
  • Drying time 2-3 hours

  • SHOWER-TIGHT is a waterproof barrier system designed to protect water sensitive structures and surfaces in tiled areas where regular and frequent exposure to damp conditions is expected, such as showers, bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchen utility areas.  This multi-component system consists of a surface primer to ensure good adhesion to the substrate; a grey flexible waterproof coating to prevent the passage of moisture and super strong polyester matting to reinforce seams in joints around wall floor junctions and where piping enters and exits the wet zone. This provides a seamless, durable  protective membrane to inhibit the passage of moisture from within the tiled area through to surfaces and structures which may be sensitive to the effects of prolonged water migration, such as plaster, render, plasterboards, tile backer boards, timber, suspended floors and plywood overlays. The SHOWER TIGHT barrier system is flexible enough to accommodate any slight movement or vibration which may be expected under normal conditions of use in and  around well constructed, structurally stable floors, walls, showers and utility fittings.

  • .SURFACE PREPARATION: New concrete or plaster surfaces should be allowed at least 6 weeks to adequately dry out before SHOWER-TIGHT is applied.  Timber and boarded structures must be rigidly braced and sufficiently constructed to withstand anticipated loading without flexing, deformation or any movement around joints and seams. Timber floors and walls must also have sufficient ventilation from behind and below to avoid interstitial condensation.  Surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease and any other contaminants.  Seal all gaps, joints and cracks with MULTI-PURPOSE SILICONE SEALANT or in  wider gaps a suitable repair compound and then allow this to fully cure before proceeding. Ensure the finished surface is sufficiently level and even to accommodate a flat regular tiled finish and any floor surface inclines running to a drain point are true and ensure water flows off in the correct direction.  When the wet-zone area is structurally sound, prime all surfaces (floors and walls) with a single coat of PALACE TILERS PRIMER and then allow this to dry.

  • APPLICATION METHOD: When the surface is adequately prepared and the primer coat has dried, PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT waterproof coating should first be brush or roller applied generously around all horizontal and vertical joints, corners, cracks and seams in and around the backing surfaces and at the joints surrounding pipe penetrations and drainage gullies. Whilst this coating is still wet, press in the polyester tape along and bridged over the seam line around all surface joints  and fittings and at the junction between different surface materials.  When all the joints and edge seams are sufficiently sealed with polyester tape apply a  second coat of PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT to seal in the polyester tape where necessary. As the taped seams dry out use a brush or roller to apply an even and consistent coating over all exposed wall surfaces including the taped & sealed joints. Once the wall area is treated, on any floor areas exposed to the most frequent wetting and trafficking i.e. below the shower point, apply a coat of SHOWER_TIGHT across the floor and then cut to size (if necessary) and evenly press out the square metre of polyester matting, leaving no creases or wrinkles, whilst  ensuring it accurately accommodates any drain points. When the polyester matting has dried into place, generously apply a second coat of  SHOWER-TIGHT waterproof coating over all previously laid polyester covered based and then out across all exposed and previously taped wall and floor  joints within the defined wet-zone area. Allow 24 hours for PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT waterproof coating to dry out and re-apply a fresh coat over any voids or areas where the first application has failed to achieve sufficient coverage

  • FIXING TILES ON SHOWER-TIGHT: Walls sealed with PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT should be treated as impermeable surfaces and joints around tiles fixed using ready mixed waterproof wall tile adhesives such as PALACE AQUATILE should not be grouted until up to 7 days after fixing. Porcelain or large should be fixed to walls using a polymer modified cement based adhesive. Floor surfaces in wet zones should be fixed to walls using polymer modified cement based adhesives.  Floor surfaces in wet zones sealed with SHOWER-TIGHT should always be tiled over using the same polymer modified cement based adhesives as recommended above for large format tiles. Under tile heating mats can fixed to the SHOWER-TIGHT membrane and then be tiled over.. PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT should not be left as a final exposed wearing surface, nor should it be used in external locations or where the tiled area is intended for permanent & continuous water immersion, when PALACE DAMPSHIELD should then be used as a waterproof tanking membrane where hydrostatic water pressure is anticipated.

  • Coverage: Depends on the surface texture and porosity, however on a typical smooth, even surface PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT waterproof coating will cover about  2 - 3 square metres per litre. The pack as supplied is sufficient to cover 5 square metres which is equivalent to a single domestic shower cubicle.

  • Storage & Packaging: PALACE SHOWER-TIGHT is supplied with 1 litre of TILERS PRIMER; 2.5 litres of waterproof coating; 10 linear metres of 100mm square metre of polyester matting. Should more technical information be required, contact the Technical helpline on 0151 486 6101T

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